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There are several important cosmetic, practical and mandated tasks that should be completed in order to maximize your home’s ambiance and perceived value. They include:

  • Curb Appeal.

    One feature highly valued by buyers and buyers’ agents alike, is “curb appeal:” that emotion-grabbing first impression that can make a significant difference in whether your home warrants a drive-by glanceor a must-see inspection. Freshlytended tasteful landscaping; a clean driveway, walkways, roof and windows; and new or nearlynew paint on trim and façade combine to maximize the chance of a potential buyer taking the net step of touring the home.

  • A Clean Interior& Minor Repairs.

    Failure to attend to a home’s interior cleanliness can be a deal-breaker since perception – both obvious and subliminal – is a significant qualifier. Even the most modest details make a difference. Things like clean, intact windows and screens; clean carpets, floors and walls; polished hardware and dust-free furniture and bookcases can make a positive impression.

  • Basic Staging.

    Beyond improving curb appeal, attentive cleaning and repairing broken and deteriorating accouterments when selling a home, basic staging can greatly influence a prospective buyer’s impression. Replacing tired shades, curtains and draperies; optimizing interior natural lighting; ridding rooms of clutter; and displaying fresh flowers are just a few ideas. Remember to eliminate unpleasing odors as well, and replace them with pleasing scents. Ask your real estate agent for more ideas.

  • Disclosures and Inspections.

    One of the most important documents in the sale of your home is the disclosure statement prepared by you and your agents. You can avoid potential roadblocks later by having termite and pest inspections completed.

  • When It’s Showtime.

    At no time during the entire process of selling a home will your trust in your Realtor be more important than when it’s time to show the property to potential buyers and buyers’ agents. Showtime is shine time for your agent and your home. Allow them to do their respective jobs without intrusion. Although it might be difficult to relinquish hosting duties — leave. Go shopping, take a lunch or dinner break, or visit friends or relatives. Yes, it’s your home, but in this case your Realtor is host, liaison and facilitator.