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Escrow Inspections and Appraisals

Inspections and Appraisal

Expect the buyer to have a licensed property inspector peruse your property. It will be the buyer’s prerogative to bring in one or more specialized inspectors as well. Unless the buyer is paying cash, his or her lending institution will require a visit by a licensed real estate appraiser. All inspections and the appraiser visit will be coordinated by your Realtor.

The Closing Agent

A title company or real estate attorney will be appointed closing agent. He or she will be responsible for researching your property’s title and ensuring that it is clear. Moving forward, any newly required encumbrances will become part of the new title.


Subsequent to the buyer and buyer’s agent examining and analyzing all aspects of your property, including a thorough review of documents and inspections, either (a.) contingencies will be eliminated, or (b.) a contract renegotiation will be requested.

While meeting contingencies is a common ability of virtually any experienced and competent Realtor, finding creative solutions to problems that might arise is an art often requiring innovation and thinking outside the box. There are specialists in that area. Real estate professionals such as Lin Vlacich have established superlative records and reputations related to the resolution of unexpected glitches.