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Price, Plus More

Although maximizing your return on your investmentin your home is paramount, an optimum offer consists of much more than price. Buyer financing, fair and equitable contingencies, requested leave-ins such as appliances, custom light fixtures and other appurtenances are all important elements. Of course, youragent will be there to help you evaluate every legitimate offerand craft a counteroffer if necessary.

Negotiating Toward a Win-Win Outcome

While receiving the absolute best offer and price for your home is paramount, a reputable real estate professional will also strive to negotiate a contract ensuring a fair and equitable outcome for all parties involved. Realtors such as Lin Vlacich have gained well-earned reputations for abiding by a strict and stringent code of ethics.

The Initial Agreement and Deposit

Expect to pay a deposit, along with additional deposits along the way, when entering into and continuing in any legitimate real estate agreement. They will be deposited into an escrow account by the closing agent, and will be released upon fulfillment of all contingencies and conditions specified in the written agreement.

The process will move along more quickly if you . . .

  • Insist on written records.
    Verbal agreements such as addendums, counteroffers and so on should always be transcribed and signed by both parties. Your agent should ensure that happens, and that you receive copies.
  • Honor the timeline.
    Abiding by the schedule agreed to in the agreement is not only honorable, ethical, considerate, and every other appropriate positive adjective, failure to do so could result in breech of contract and loss of a chance to sell your home. When it comes to honoring the specified timeline, your agent should keep you on-track.