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The Walk-Through.

Whether it is done the day before closing or closing day, the walk-through has gone from mere formality to practical tradition. This is when you get a chance to visit your new home and verify that there are no surprises. That means confirming that things are essentially the same as they were during your last visit, that everything is working properly, and that items included in the contract is present

Utilities and Other Services.

Lin will be happy to provide a list of useful numbers for the activation of home services and utilities after the closing occurs.

No Stress. No Worries. No Problem

Lin Vlacich is a veteran real estate professional who has assisted hundreds of clients who are buying a home navigate the process from start through closing. If something unexpected happens, chances are Lin has dealt with it before and will handle it calmly and professionally.


A settlement statement, provided by the closing agent, details the financial transactions of the process. You, the seller and the closing agent will sign the document, thereby certifying its accuracy. In addition, you will sign documentation required by the lending institution. You may have your funds wired to the closing agent’s escrow account, or you can elect to bring a certified check in the amount specified on the settlement statement. The seller is obliged to bring all property keys and any important information.

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